Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cerquita de mi Corazon!

So we were asked to blog about certain things that we know by heart, and honestly i can't think of anything else more relevant than the song we sing at birthdays. Because I'm Venezuelan, we've got a whole other song we sing at birthdays titled ' Ay, que noche tan preciosa' which literally translates to ' Oh, what a precious night' and it pretty much captures the essence of what birthdays are, who you share them with and the beauty of accomplishing an extra year of your life. I can honestly say that there are moments in my memory where this tune becomes transcendental through so many years of my life. The image of a birthday cake lit up with candles, an extra one added for every year, and the changing faces, setting and emotions, each one different for every year, rush around me like a film. Its incredible what music and lyrics can do, and how knowing something by heart and so close to your heart can tell the story of your life. Literally.

PS: Click on the title to follow the link and listen to the song in case you're curious (the part of song we've always sung starts at :55)

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