Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is history really history? hmm..

History is defined as “the record of past events and times, esp. in connection with the human race.” History, to me, is unchangeable. It’s an event that happened in the past and we all know that no one can go back in time. So why is history changing? It’s something I wonder. The example brought up in class was Christopher Columbus discovering America. Isn’t that what they teach in school now-a-days? But, wasn’t it Leaf Ericson who discovered America? What about Pluto? In my opinion it’s a planet. But does my opinion really matter? Who is to decide whether it is or not? I know I’ve asked a lot of questions..but a lot of them are unanswerable. The ironic part is..when I was in class and had just said something about Pluto I got a text. The text read something like, “9 planets, trillions of people in the world.. ..and I met you.” I kind of chuckled cause are there really 9 planets? In my eyes there always will be.

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