Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On the Topic of Tropes

This is gonna be a quick post, just to share a link with you guys. We mentioned tropes a lot in class on Tuesday (at least 10 times) and every time we did, this website came to mind.

TV Tropes is a wiki that details pretty much every literary trope known to man (for more than just television) and links them to examples in books, films, movies, comics, television shows, real life, and more. It's a very interesting read.

A friendly warning: this site may be addictive. I've found myself inadvertently burning hours here when I only intended to read the page initially linked. It's interesting and fun, though.

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Jonathan Yu said...

This site IS addicting. When I first found it, I had 20+ pages up from this one site alone. Glad to see that it found its way to the front page.

I also think it's a good casual read-through for people who want to get into writing because the more people are aware of what they do and how things are done, the better they'll do it or subvert it. I wouldn't know though.