Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stories of the Heart

On a light note, I know the entire Michael Jackson's Thriller album by heart. It was my workout CD (yes, this was before iPods), and every day I'd strap on my no-skip CD player and go running to the beats of "Wanna Be Startin' Something" and "Thriller". Awesome!

So far on this blog, it looks like people have only mentioned entertainment as the things they know by heart. Movies, games, and song lyrics. I guess that's because this is a public blog to classmates that we've only been in contact for about a month now. However, the two narratives that I first thought of when Professor Pat mentioned "things we know by heart" are more serious. The first one is the story of my family, especially that of my grandmother who escaped from Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe during WWII. The second narrative is that of the Gospel, or the story of one Jesus of Nazareth and his connection to each of us. I try to shape my own life's story according to these two narratives. And I know that talking about faith isn't fashionable anymore but, well, it really was the first thing that popped into my head when the assignment was mentioned.

Also, I noticed in "Pause and Effect" that "gospel" is one of four narrative categories (epic, gospel, essay, and romance). How does that work? I mean, the Gospel is one story told four slightly different ways. Maybe it's an interactive narrative, in that as Christians we each contribute our own lives to the story of Christ's sacrifice? Hmm...

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