Monday, October 18, 2010

Anything New

We had a conversation about class and whether anything is new.
Professor commented that he disliked the phrase that nothing is new under the sun or any saying to that degree.
I wanted to take the time to comment on why people say those phrases.
ITS TRUE. That is why it is a common saying.
In class we have commented that the ideas of interactive are not new and we are just building on ideas that were there in the past.
Everything is based on some idea that someone has already had. It doesn't devalue anything it just means it is not as original as we think.
Romeo and Juliet was based off Triston & Isolde and that was based on another story and so on and so on. Avatar was a Dancing with Wolves type story that is all like Pocahontas. Andy Warhol did not come up with a Campbell soup can for his art.
The great thing about human creativity is our ability to take something that is already there and think of a new perspective to view it with. The ideas may not be original but the perspective are.
So nothing is new but we always find new ways to look at things.
That is what make us awesome sauce.

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