Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So, I rented the movie called Babies last week, and the stories of the babies astonished me. The 4 babies are from Japan, Africa, San Francisco, and Mongolia. It showed these 4 babies from newborn to 1 year old. I didn't particularly have a favorite baby, because they were all so adorable! This movie also portrayed how mothers raised their babies in other countries. In comparison to America, the babies were all raised differently, from a pauper family to a country full of technology. However, this movie isn't like everyday movies where there are actual dialogues of people. Instead, the dialogues were focused on the babies, with adults talking in the background. In addition, I also viewed the bonus content of the movie, and it turns out the director, Thomas Balmes, devoted most of his time, effort, and money into making this movie. For this reason, Thomas became my role model because he created a movie that helps us in understanding how babies are raised in other countries. After watching this movie, I'm looking at babies in a totally different view. It had a dazzling array of colors and music that added to the effects of the babies' stories. Also, this movie made me realize how much parents go through in order to raise their baby properly. It also made me realize how much we have grown up since that age. If you guys visit Blockbuster or Redbox, Babies is a great movie to rent.

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Janathan said...

What about babies did you learn through this film? It seems interesting but I feel I need just a little more information on the content to understand your feelings.