Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dark Play?

DANGEROUS. Making the audience explore the darkest most dangerous parts of their souls. Thats pretty much what this play did. I think the show was absolutely outstanding. It literally touched upon almost every aspect of every stereotype society imposes on us and how the media and technology create outlets for people who are binded by these stereotypes. The play portrayed an incredible creative story full of twists and complications all branching from the curtain that chat rooms can create. It portrayed how susceptible people are and to the extents to which people will go when it comes to creating identities on the internet. The line between the real world and the virtual world became very malleable.
This makes me think though, that's why I've never participated in open chat room conversations, and why the first time I ever did something like chatroulette was that time in class. I guess I'd rather not expose myself. It goes back to the idea 'Don't talk to strangers'
This whole thing makes me realize how contained people are by the rigid rules we place on each other; the expectations society has of every single one of us.

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