Monday, October 11, 2010

Dark Play

This play was definitely very good and intense. It just continued to prove everything that's wrong with the internet and everything your parents warned you about when it comes to chatting with strangers online, since the play was mainly about an online chat relationship that went too far. Also, since the play was in the Black Box theater, which typically doesn't have many props, the different screens on stage definitely enhanced the play's experience. Safe to say, without the screens, the play wouldn't have been nearly as interesting or intriguing. The play kept saying it takes the audience on "a journey into the darkest, most dangerous regions of the human soul so that we recognize the darkness and danger in our souls and actively take steps to change it." I guess what the play was trying to do was force the audience to think back to times when they've "wronged" someone whether it'd be in the form a practical joke or just out malicious intent, or when they did things they're not particularly proud of and would later be forced to lie about it. It also makes you think how far would you take a lie or joke. Would you just give up when you know you've gone a little too far, or would you keep going until you yourself are wrapped up in your own lie with no one sane way out? Overall, the play was very intriguing and kept you guessing until the end how it would turn out. If anything it made the audience feel good to know that they're not as messed up as the main character. (I hope) 

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