Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interactivity and Nature

Science and Art Talk

Natalie Jeremijenko talks about how environmental changes are degrading our way of life. Increasing health problems, spawned by environmental factors, can also be seen in the animals who co-inhabit our space. Her innovative art and engineering projects make it possible to interact with and study our animal neighbors to gain insight into how our lives are shaped by the environment. This talk gives a really new and interesting take on interactivity, and shows how interactivity can be used to understand the world in which we live. In class, we talk about how interactivity can be "fun" and "engaging," but we shy away from the role of interactivity in education and research.

Here is a screenshot of a Tadpole Walker, which is part of her experiment on water quality, to further entice you to watch it instead of Family Guy in your free time:

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SpiritVenomThePsychic said...

That's true. As we go about our lives, we tend to neglect the most important factors of our life like the environment. I believe that we should have more talks and projects that help us with our planet.