Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Known to me by heart

After over a year of playing Marvel vs Capcom 2, I believe I have all of Guile's and Megaman's combos down to a T. For those who have never played, MvC2 is one of the most fun fighting games of all time. When it was re-released on the Xbox 360 about a year and a half ago, I fell in love. My Guile has scared many foes with his American accuracy, muscles and flattop haircut. I know all his combos by heart and most of the time can play without thinking which buttons to press at the time. It's a simple jerk of the joystick to the enemy and full out combinations of buttons on the xbox controller in a sequence and you're trapped by what I call "Guile rage."

Guile wears reflective aviators just so you can watch yourself cry.

Also, Megaman is just so small and fast it's hard to avoid his constant fire. I have his low kick to dash to beam combo down to a science. Between these two I barely use my third character. Guile takes care of Megaman as if he were his son. I actually just took a break to play because I got very excited writing about it, just now. Once you have the combos to heart you can make an unstoppable team. So memorize by heart those combos and you will be a successful MvC2 player or just main the three cheapest characters in the game..... then you'll be considered really "good."

Until next time friends!

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AhmarRana said...

That's pretty impressive for playing just a year (and I can vouch for the butt-kickings you dole out). I've been playing Street Fighter and the "Vs. series" games since I was in elementary school and I'm still scared of memorizing those combos. I guess I just don't have the patience to (A) stick with a character consistently and (B) practice those inputs.