Saturday, October 30, 2010

Left for Dead in the House of Horror

I was terrified by the English version of The Ring, so I decided to avoid the scarier original movie (Ringu) and attend the Left for Dead game night. Also, there was a costume contest with a $50 prize. Two of my buddies and I decided to aim for said prize, with the caveat that whoever won would treat the other two to delicious Ben and Jerry's ice cream and keep the rest to themselves. So! My friends ninja-fied themselves while I put the finishing feathers on my Poe's Raven outfit. When we arrived I scanned the room: a guy with black paint around his eyes with a black pile of fur by his feet, Wes in a snazzy Peter Parker/Spiderman outfit, and Link from Legend of Zelda. There were three of us and three of them: the possibility of delicious ice-cream in my immediate future seemed high. We nibbled on tortilla chips and watched people demolish zombies for a bit, then perked up our ears as the MC stepped up to announce the costume results. However, the guy with the black paint around his eyes stepped into his pile of fur and transformed... into this.

Dude, what the heck??? Give us a freaking warning if you're going to show up in a phenomenal professional quality wolf-man costume. Apparently he spent 3 months and $300 making this last year. Honestly, I would have whimpered my way through Ringu for a shot at that $50 if I knew this guy would be my competition on game night.

On the awesome side, I got to experience some terrifying music, scary jumping corpses, and exploding zombies on a 20-ft tall screen. My head feathers kept getting tangled in doorway spiderwebs, but the rest of the decorations (bloody handprints, mood (of terror) lighting, arcane symbols, etc.) were pretty cool. Also, possessed Yorkie:

Now that is snazzy.

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WesMaster said...

That wolf was pretty crazy! I was surprised I actually had a chance to play Left for Dead ha!