Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Multimedia Fusion Fun

Of all the game-creating engines out there, I must say Multimedia Fusion 2 (MMF2) has topped the list. After working on Blender, I was quite excited to get a few of the concepts down like creating 3D objects and moving it around when actually running the "game." However, it definitely takes time to learn the basics and logic used to create a fully functioning game. On the other hand, it only took me half an hour to make a game on Multimedia Fusion 2 and learn enough mechanics to potentially make many other games. If I were to compare the two, obviously Blender is a much more difficult tool to learn because it utilizes 3D images and backgrounds. MMF2 is very user-friendly and can be taught in a matter of minutes. It's quite self-explanatory. Much of it is just dragging and dropping with some logic that isn't too hard to understand. But in terms of value, Blender is free and MMF2 only provides a demo active for 30 days, but it can still do a lot. Although it seems like the future of gaming is heading towards not only the third dimension in game but in real life, I still have a heart for 2D games. After watching the video Ahmar had shown to our group of the potential of MMF2 (, I was instantly inspired.

So, after the course of two days with a lot of excitement and motivation, I was able to produce this:

TL;DR - I made a video game on MMF2. Check out the results. I must say I am quite pleased with it. Also tell me if you beat it. It's basically just one boss battle that's actually pretty hard.

The controls are your arrow keys. Shift is to jump. A is for regular fire. S is your special attack (Use this sparingly as you lose life for using it). Other than that, please give me feedback if you can. This will be the program we will be using for our group project (Arcane Erudition). Thanks!

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sunmech said...

I was fine with the first boss form, but the flashy blue head of death usually killed me within 30 seconds :-(
Pretty funny though, - I bet Victor appreciated it. Lol.