Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Screen recording

So pat mentioned wegame just now, which is a software that allows you to record your gaming experiences I guess. So this idea made me think of a couple of things. One of those things is the variety of videos you see on YouTube and other streaming sites like it. You'll see people who recorded their screen by putting a camera in front of it (pardon my French but those videos are shitty), and then there are the people who get a screenshot style video of their computer screen or tv or whatever.

One of the other things it made me think of was the fact that I actually have owned a few games that allowed you to record your gameplay right onto the memory card (ps2). They stopped doing this rather early for a pretty good reason. While it was cool, it just wasn't practical. For one thing, you couldn't do anything with the recording unless you taped it from a VCR when playing it back. For another, the video files were HUGE. They took up the majority of the memory card, and nobody feels like buying. New one when you can just delete the big video.

The last thing that wegame reminded me of was QuickTime. Correct me if I'm wrong (it could be another one of those softwares that comes free with a mac), but QuickTime now allows you to capture any portion of th screen and record it, including audio if you want. It will record anything you want it to. And it will record ANYthin in that portion of the screen, including your mouse. I think it'll also record certain windows on your Internet browser if you want it to as well. This is going above and beyond most of those screen video-capturing softwares you can find online, mainly because you can do the same thing and more, but foe free as opposed to for a fee that covers a subscription for the software. Anyway, there's my two cents for the day.

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