Tuesday, October 12, 2010


People have always been fascinated by the concept of altering time. Everyone has experienced the "If only I could redo that situation," "I wish I had more time to study for my test," "Can I just fast forward to Friday already?" Zack Morris was the coolest Saved by the Bell Character because he could TIME OUT!!

Something that has always bothered me about time is that people always say, if the universe ends time will still persist. I think time is similar to money in that it is a human invention. If no one is around to monitor and keep time it will not continue only the cycles of the universe. Granted, how long stars, galaxies, and the universe live will be determined by an indeterminate amount of time. But who cares "how long" it will take? People care about time, the stars, galaxies, and universe don't care about time. The objects in the universe experience cycles, but time is not a factor to them...time is only important to those who keep it, therefore, if there are no beings to track it then it ceases to exist.

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SpiritVenomThePsychic said...

You do have a point. Time is one of the most important factors in not just interactive stories, but life as well. Like you said, there are things so boring in life (like exams) that you just want to fast forward to a certain date. But then again, there will be no control of universe of there is no time present. Everything would be disorganized and there won't be specific long term goals. We need to have times for everything, even for the simplest things we encounter.