Thursday, November 18, 2010

Choreography: Busby Berkeley By A Waterfall vs Janathan's Runaway Video

Shown in class, Busby Berkeley by A Waterfall, a classic video, gives us an emphasis of how choreography was like during the 50s and 60s. This video was compared to the Runaway video Janathan posted because the choreography at 16:19 is similar to that in the Berkeley video. Based on both videos, we can see that the art of choreography has changed. In the Runaway video, there are less dancers, and they are rather in the background while in the 50s video had the main dancers as the main singers. The dancers in the Runaway video are also shown in rather a slow motion fashion, with camera angles shown behind each dancer, their tows, overhead view, etc. On the contrary, the Berkeley video showed the dancers in a synchronized pattern, mainly in an overhead view. As we can see, choreography is an art form that adds to any music video we watch. We see modern classical moves that give the music video a dichotomy of a narrative and art. We no longer see a specific singer like Elvis Presley dancing on stage. We now see a new form of media (sometimes 34 minutes long) moving into a more deeper feeling.

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