Friday, November 12, 2010

Devil's Tramping Ground

Ed Bain is a freelance writer and artist and was interviewed in our book about interactive narratives. I went to the site and found that it does still exist and is a flash animation narrative. Meaning you click through the story and examine different things in the setting. It is a Gothic horror theme stories that can be found on the site.
The most interesting thing about the interview was the artist fear of perception and interactivity. He comments "There's a flow.. and it's a difficult thing as an artist. You font have control over how people will perceive it" (pg. 148). When writing a narrative that you want to be interactive it is hard to craft a "flow" if the player has control. If you give up too much control then the player has control of the flow which could upset your narrative. It is hard to know when you should give the player control and when you should. A delicate balance in the fight over interactivity.

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