Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Evolving Comics 2.5.1

The interview that Meadows conducted with Scott McCloud was interesting because it primarily discussed the evolution of media when it comes to conveying a narrative, particularly in this case the narrative in the form of a comic. His approach, rather than rejecting the change and evolution that comes with the implementation of new technology, is to embrace the new media and be creative in the delivery of the narrative. He discusses the idea of presenting comics in three dimensional cubes and other interactive ways, but doesn't necessarily limit himself to bringing comics to the monitor. I thought it was interesting how he said that he didn't think 'technology becomes extinct' and that he praises those who 'choose paper rather than having paper chosen for them.' He presents the idea of old medium and new medium collaborating.

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Alexa Henderson said...

I actually found Scott Mccloud and Meadows' interview to be fairly obtuse, not in a particularly deep way, but in a non-informative way. It almost sounded like a conversation about nothing, which I believe it actually was...The only ideas presented that seemed somewhat cogent was Scott's insight on the medium of the comic. He remarks that there is a fundamentally more interactive experience for the reader reading a comic compared to a book or watching a movie, and he attributes this to the fact that the frames (time) are all layed out in front of the reader so that he/she is able to take them in at their own preference/pace. There is more of a "call and response" interaction between the author and the reader. Thanks for the drib of knowledge!