Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A-ha "Take On Me"(just for fun)

I did a post on "Satellite" below so I won't spend time analyzing this video, but I couldn't help thinking of this parody video when we were discussing the meaning of music video visuals today. Make sure you watch the original above first if you haven't already. I think you guys'll find it entertaining.


Ithaca College Library said...

I love this video. Grew up in the '80s. -- Cathy (library)

Dragonfire14 said...

I love this video also. I liked how the video began with comic strips. As we observe, the comic strips portray a racer, a handsome guy who later comes out of the comic to take the girl within the comic. Now this part is so cool! It reminds me of being in the Cat in the Hat Ride in Universal, the part where we spun out of control. Now this is a fun way of telling a story :)