Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot Chip - I Feel Better

This song is an intimate conversation between two lovers. The first speaker says, "How did we get ourselves so lost?" This seems to imply that the two are lost in love. The song goes on to be from the perspective of the second speaker. It then says that there is complete futility in what we all do, but that futility is ours: "Everything's nothing, and nothing is ours."

It isn't until one watches the video that we see the true meaning of the song. The first time I saw this music video, I thought this was a boy band that used the overused auto-tune. But, it turns out, this band is sort of geeky. The video shows a boy band singing and a Jesus like person coming in and blasting them with a laser from his mouth. The true meaning to, "Everything is nothing" is that everything in the media is nothing. These fads fall in and out and nothing is of meaning. The boy band is a perfect example of this. Boy bands were extremely popular in the '90s but fell out. "Nothing is ours" is that this nothing is all we have. We must either be sheep to the media or we can call upon our own bald Jesus to eradicate this tripe from media and bring out  and praise true ingenuity and talent. And in the end, we will all "feel better" once this has been done.

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