Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hunt the Wumpus

Your village has suffered too long from the nocturnal attacks of that horrible beast, the Wumpus. At your coming-of-age ceremony, you vow to do what no other hunter in the village has had the courage to try. Donning an old suit of armor and taking only a torch and a crossbow with a single arrow, you enter the cavernous lair of the Wumpus. The path is unknown, twisting through narrow corridors and forgotten chambers. Ancient pits, built by a dead people for their lost subterranean gods, ooze slime as they wait to claim another explorer. Monstrous bats inhabit the caves, carrying the unaware through the darkness and releasing them again at whim. Most terrible of all is the Wumpus, who slumbers even now in the darkness. Woe to any who come upon the beast in the shadows!

But you have chosen to face these dangers, great as they are. You will free your village or fall in the attempt. Because you alone have chosen to Hunt The Wumpus!

This is the introduction of the game called Hunt the wumpus mentioned in class. This game is a classic maze-based puzzle game that is truly interactive. The object of this game is to use cluse within the maze in finding and hunting down the wumpus. However, you must figure out which direction the wumpus is based on these clues. You cannot run into the wumpus or else its game over. So anyways, I played the game and the puzzles are quite challenging, but fun and addicting. The game over images are so hilarious, from the wumpus evil mouth chomp to the falling candle when you accidently step in a pit. So far, I haven't been able to kill the wumpus yet, but I'll figure it out soon xD.

P.S. Here is a screenshot of my scores of this game:

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