Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Interactive Narrative in Today's Culture

The world of the interactive narrative continues to blossom everyday. Throughout this time, many different views of this type of narrative have been accumulated and described through several interviews and studies. Many agree that the internet will play a huge role in this category.

Speaking of which, I, myself, completely agree that the internet will and has played a significant role in today's interactive narratives. Just a couple of hours ago, the all-new Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood launched. What was known for it's thrilling single-player action and storyline has now transformed into a multi-player sensation!

Yes, I said multi-player. One of the most evident sources of internet playing a big role in the interactive narrative is through video games-- the ability to play online with other people around the world to either:
a) Complete a mission together.
b) Kill each other.
c) Just share good company.

But who would have thought Assassin's Creed could pull off multi-player. There surely were a ton of skeptics at the E3 conference, but after giving it a test-drive, they were surely mistaken. One writer gives his experience of the multiplayer mode here: http://spawnkill.com/2010/11/07/assassins-creed-brotherhood-multiplayer-impressions/ . The point is that Assassin's Creed was already quite the interactive narrative, with fun-packed gameplay, puzzles to solve, people to kill, to a brilliant storyline that just gets better in Brotherhood. Now, however, with the growing importance of the internet and social networking, Ubisoft just had to throw in multi-player in there and well... it worked! If you haven't gotten a chance to try out the beta, be sure to come to the Reitz Grand Ballroom this Friday night from 5pm -12 am. Ubisoft Florida will be hosting a Brotherhood multiplayer tournament and the winner will receive their own copy of Brotherhood.

But back to the book, there are many different perspectives on the interactive narrative, many of which mention comic books. The interviews conducted seem to importance of the interactive narrative and Scott McCloud puts it best by saying how narrative speaks to something ancient and possibly unchanging in us. At the same time, we are in control of the narrative and must adapt as our generation is constantly changing. The ability to view the same thing from multiple angles and views adds a significant effect on the narrative, which I believe seems to be echoed by the others that are interviewed. All in all, this field is consistently developing and so far, it has produced some great works in the gaming industry. Thus, all should come out to the Gator Gaming event this Friday at the Grand Ballroom from 5 - midnight to get your share of interactive storytelling!

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