Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Runaway Story

I think for this blog on music videos I am going to have to show Kanye West full length music video for Runaway Love. I still think Kanye West is one of the greatest musicians of our time and we try to make less of him for being his own person and speaking his own mind. Its about 35 minutes long and runs the music of his new album. He tells a story about love and wanting. You can feel the loneliness and acceptance that he wants and not to conform to what society think is right. You can see the other main character trying to assimilate but not understanding and yearning to be free from our constraints. In all a great video. He even makes Ballot be relevant with contemporary music. If you have the time watch the video.

I cannot discuss the lyrics for you since its many songs but each song has a place depending on the shot and what emotions he is trying to convey at the time.

The music is showing the depth of emotions that one can go through.

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