Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Scientist - Coldplay

This music video at first left me quite confused... knowing the song before seeing the music video, I was trying to imagine how him laying on some mattress in some alley had anything to do with the lyrics... and quite honestly I still don't get that part. But then started the more interesting action.

As the lead singer started doing his thing backwards, and the video progressed, I got the fact that... well, it looks cool that he's walking backwards (I also kind of questioned if he was walking backwards or if they rewinded the film in editing) and that basketball and BMX look cool backwards. But so what?

Then came the deeper thought (but only as the video got to the very ending with the car scene). The song talks about "going back to the start" and how life isn't easy and how sometimes you just want to redo things. And the whole video makes sense when you get to the end... or the beginning one could say. It's as if the singer is rewinding his life to redo a choice he made, like I'm sure we've all imagined doing.

The video is somewhat like Run Lola Run. actually. I'm still debating if I like the slow beginning, seeing as how it left me questioning the intent or if that aspect was even on purpose. Did they want the video to leave you questioning, or did they just want to show cool things? All in all, the story left an impact on me. It made me think about how each little decision we make can greatly affect our lives. I also really enjoy the song.

And just for giggles, in my opinion this is a link to a better edition of the song: A cover by Natasha Bedingfield.

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