Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Steve Wozniak @ UF

On Monday night I had the good fortune to listen to a speech at the O'Dome delivered by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and designer of their first computers. It was an excellent event and it was truly motivational to hear a man as successful as he is describe just how lucky we are to be college students (he said his college years were the greatest of his life) and have so many opportunities at our fingertips.

In relationship with this class, The Woz shared with the audience his passion for engineering and electronics which lead him to the great success that has defined him in the history books. I felt like a bit of a kindred spirit with him. I hope to accomplish my dream of being a great game designer someday the way he accomplished his dream to become a great engineer, inventor and lover of life. Wozniak is living proof that creativity and technology go hand-in-hand to pave the roads of the future.

Interestingly, when discussing the future of artificial intelligence, he touched upon the subject of our "master:slave/slave:master" relationship with technology. He doesn't believe technology will "turn against us" as it is fundamentally created to aid us. Instead, he posited that our dependence upon technology is such that we would become utterly lost without it, as our familiarity with the "old ways" has eroded such that we would be helpless without it. In essence, we are slaves to our tools. Interesting words, to say the least, from the man who helped usher us in the "iGeneration".

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