Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still My Most Recommended Tool...

As made apparent in class, Second Life appears to have the highest recommendation as a movie making tool. However, what hasn't been hit on quite so hard, or ever, is the oh-so-amazing tool such as The Sims 3.

I, for one, am a fan of this game for not only its game play, but for its impeccable graphics, life-like emotions, and it's wide range of possibilities in video making. Here is a link to a video EA made to advertise one of their latest expansions.

As you can see, the camera angles, motions of the sims, and even the facial characteristics of the sims vary greatly (recognize these characters? You can get really, really intricate in the sim-making process). I do realize that Second Life was encouraged as a free option, and I'm not insisting that someone go and purchase the game just for a video making tool. However, if you ever find a friend or relative that has the necessary resources, I do encourage you to try it out. You may find yourself addicted.

Another awesome aspect of the game is the music incorporated. For those of you who have played any version of The Sims, you know that they speak in their our language, Simlish. If you didn't know before, then all you really need to know is that it sounds like blum blah, choom a la shinwa... or basically gibberish.

So, in the game you can choose to play the radio... and what is on the radio? Not elevator music, not Lady Gaga's newest hit, but Simlish music. I abosolutely love that the developers went so in depth in the gameplay, that they chose to go as far as to make the music match the language. But wait, it gets even better: not only do they create their own songs, but the game also managed to snag a few celebrities, and have them record their own hits in Simlish. Matt and Kim even participated (and the story in this music video is incredibly follow-able).

One more video to see (although you may want to check out more just for pure entertainment) this is a hilarious parody of Twilight. It's worth watching, and may give you some ideas for your cut-scene editing...

I welcome opinions on the video technique I suggested...

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