Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm not really sure if any of you are familiar with this site, but simply put it's a blogging site, but it involves much more than just text. It is a collection of pictures, videos, quotes, animations, links, etc. I bring this up because the collection of videos we watched in class today I had 'stumbled upon' it on tumblr and I was impressed.
I was actually browsing through all my tumblr posts the other day and I realized that, as with any blog, it's a virtual diary. Except it's interactive. Other people read it, other people comment on it and 'like' or 'reblog' the posts that they can relate to.
It's cool to remember the things I was feeling when I made certain posts and how other people's reactions indicate how they were essentially feeling the same thing.
I'm telling the story of my life and other people are reading it, becoming a part of it.

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