Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video Killed The Radio Star

In short, this video is very strange. It is very 1980's as evidenced by the shots of tapes, key boards, bad outfits, and tinsel wigs. However, it was the first video on MTV, which is pretty awesome. The overall message is that new technology is the death of old technology. When music videos came out, artists HAD TO have a video to stay on top. Even though these 1980s videos were not that stellar, they were necessary to make it in the industry. What mark have they left behind to today's audience? Space occupied on YouTube? History records of electronic pop? At least these videos make it a whole lot easier for us to be inspired for 80s themed costume parties.


Brittany said...

Today it's more like 'the internet and iphone killed the MTV star.'
I can't tell you the last time I watched MTV. Probably 6 years. I get all of my music from youtube, and that's even if I watch the video. I feel like music is gone back or is heading back to the 'radio.' I don't even watch music videos mostly. With the onset of the ipod most people are just pulled in via earbuds and are listening to the mp3.

sunmech said...

I actually kinda like 80's movies and music videos. Sure, they are RIDICULOUSLY cheesy... but that's part of the fun!