Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video Killed the Radio Star

So for the longest time I just liked the song.  I listened to it for the sound of it, payed no attention to lyrics.  Then I grew up...  At first I thought wait, someone's getting killed... why is this so light hearted?  Then I grew up a little more and though okay, so the person was popular on the radio, then people saw their face and went "Aaahh!" and the star wasn't famous anymore.  Then I saw the music video and was thrown for a loop.  I had no idea what to think, whether the song had anything to do with the video or if it was just all in good fun.

So one of the most... interesting... music videos I've ever seen is of the song M4 Part 2 by Faunts.  Here's the link:


So this song for some reason really had me caught when I first heard it.  The lyrics are kinda deep or kinda meaningless, depending on how you think about it.  There aren't to many of them, you can find them here:


So in the video you go back between the band (playing in a cave or something) and this crab.  Basically, the crab has this little white flag on a stick that all of the other crabs want.  So this little dude finds his way to the top of a sand castle and is fighting and killing all of these other crabs that are trying to get his flag.  This crab is quite the badass.  He's killing other crabs with the flag, and tearing them limb from limb, etc.  Eventually, he's killed ALL of the other crabs.  Then, WHOOSH!  A big wave washes the castle and the crab dude away, and the flag is a little ways off.  So the crab guy goes to grab his flag, gets it and sees all of the other dead crabs around him, and a bunch of seagulls come and start pecking at him, trying to pull him apart,  He's like NO!  To make a long story short, or a short story shorter if you prefer, this guy stands his ground, steaks the flag into the sand and looks off into the sunset.  Needless to say, the main lyrics that actually go with the song are "And I need you to recover, because I can't make it on my own."  This comes into play while the hardcore crab is getting attacked by the seagulls and sees the dead bodies of all the other crabs he killed.

Altogether it's a good video, a strange video, but a good one.  This is by far not my favorite song, artist or video.  It just happens to be one I figured would be nice to share, something I don't think a lot of people have seen.  Anyway, let me know what you all think.  See you in class Thursday.

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AhmarRana said...

Really like this song too. Just another random connection, Bioware also used this song as the end credits music for the game Mass Effect (which I haven't played).

The video appears to be all about standing one's own ground, but the song seems to be about the need to band together to overcome struggle. Perhaps the point is that now that the main crab has driven away all of his fellow crabs, he has no friends to protect him from the larger threat of the seagulls. Basically about the importance of allies and the danger of going it alone and driving away others.