Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video Story!

      Well, I'm posting this late, yes! However, I can make it up by providing the meaning of the video of one of my favorite songs: Laid to Rest by Lamb of God.
       Many of you will say, "Well, this video is all emo and stuff", but the message can be perceived. As soon as the video starts, you can see one dude chasing another one. As the song goes on, he keeps on chasing him through the facility, and in the end the other dude ends up walking away with a red sweater.
      How is this a story you ask? Well, if you actually take the time to read the lyrics, it talks about how you an enemy should take things in life rather than just lay by vengeance. The lyrics also suggest that he should take the time to just let it go or he will end up dead by someone's hand. To some extent, chained "to the truth."
      Well, here it is. Enjoy some rather hardcore metal!

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