Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Wumpman Cometh

We talked a bit about Hunt the Wumpus in class last Tuesday. I thought I'd give it a go and blog about the experience like Pat suggested.

The version we saw in class was strictly text-based, but I found a version online that is a bit more palatable to those of us spoiled by graphics in our games:

On "easy" I had some trouble early on acclimating to the rules, but when I got the logic down then I was more successful at bagging the wumpus than not. Playing on "Pro" though... that's a different story. I'd get to an impasse and it would literally be dumb luck whether or not the next step was instant death or not. Keeping in mind that this is based on a game that is almost 40 years old, I'll let it slide.

In terms of what stuck with me from the game, it's definitely that tense moment before you take a step and hope your logic was sound enough to keep you alive. Whether you're playing through a text-based command line interface and jotting down your steps on a map, or seeing it unfurl in front of you in all it's graphical splendor, I imagine it is that moment that has let the game endure for so long.

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