Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wumpus Hunting

I played "Hunt the Wumpus" over Thanksgiving break, won on "Easy" and "Hard", then promptly forgot to take screenshots. Tragedy.

Anyhow, playing this reminded me of the puzzle and text based games that I used to play as a kid. Those games required me to play with a pencil and notebook at my side, drawing out maps as I went and tracking the different puzzle clues. I used to play these games with my younger sister (correction: I'd play the computer while she played with my long hair), so I had an audience to cheer when I figured something out. Since these games lacked quality graphics, the emphasis was on the puzzles to fully engage the user. Now, the game graphics are high enough quality to fully engage the user and I don't need the puzzle aspect anymore. Also, if I am playing a puzzle game, knowing that GameFaq's can help me out if I get completely stuck helps bring the frustration level down a ton.

As such, gaming today is a much more pleasant experience for me than those old text and puzzle based programs. As I misread the twisting paths of Wumpus for the umpteenth time and fell into yet another slimepit, I was definitely reminded of this fact.

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