Thursday, December 2, 2010

360 Degree Video

360 Degree video... believe it. Talking about interactive storytelling, this is as interactive as it gets. The feeling of actually being part of the story, seeing it from a true first person perspective as the video plays. So you may be wondering just what exactly is a 360 degree video, but it's exactly what it says. It's a full-motion video in which you can pan left, right, up, and down for different views.
You haven't done this before: You're watching a movie, and you want to see what's happening behind the camera, outside the view of the lens. So you turn around and look for yourself. A new technology called 360-degree Internet video lets you change what you're looking at and decide what you want to see. The actual camera looks something like this:
It's quite mind-blowing when you actually try it out. Here's the link to an example:



Jonathan Yu said...

This is amazing! Hopefully, the movie industry learns how to incorporate it instead of shun it, because although this takes away some control the director has, he still controls the scene, and I can see ridiculous potential for mystery and horror movies.

Shell said...

Holy cow! At first it was entertaining, then I realized I could make the camera flip all the way over. It was almost like it was live feed. Its pretty incredible. However, I did try and watch one person the whole time and noticed that the camera never stayed in one place very long.