Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Arcane Erudition Production Blog - Ren'Py: The Other Program

Another program I was considering using is called Ren'Py. This program fulfills much the same functions as Novelty. I considered using this program as it does appear to be more powerful overall, allowing greater flexibility in development. It is also compatible with Mac and Linux platforms, increasing our userbase and the number of computers we would be able to share our work on.

I decided not to pursue it further as the user interface when creating a game is entirely text-based. Though the programming language is very simple and there are a lot of helpful tutorials, sharing a text-based game among multiple people would probably be a bit too obtuse for all the programmers involved. Having the instantaneous visual feedback that Novelty provides is a big plus when deadlines are an issue to consider.

That said, if I make another game of the same type after Domesticus, I'll definitely consider putting Ren'Py to good use. The flexibility showcased by the tutorial suggests that this program has a lot to offer.

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