Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Comic for every day

After reading the interview with Scott McCloud, it reminded me of how I have never really been into comics until recently. McCloud spoke of expanding the comic off the 2D page and make it more of a user-centered experience. While overseas in Korea, you really are a foreigner and feel
out of place at times. I stumbled upon this guy, Luke Martin, who created a Comic Strip ROKetship (Republic of Korea). All of his comics specifically relate to me as an individual living abroad in Seoul. They all touch on the everyday issues people have living there dealing with the language barriers, the food, the customs, the old people!! One thing I really enjoyed about Luke, it that he made the experience user-created. He asked for feedback from his viewers and chose the top few and created comics specifically around their input. This helped to localize the strip and get the reader involved. Eventually, you would see waygook's (foreigners) walking around with shirts and hats and even purses with the most popular strips on them. How's that for 3D?!?

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