Monday, December 13, 2010

God of War II

I am not much of a Gamer, but one other investigation I made over the semester was to inquire on the plot and structure of Sony Playstation's God of War. I went to visit my older sister in Columbus, Ohio and her husband and my little brother were on the beginning levels of God of War II. The graphics for the game are AMAZING and the images drew anyone in the living room into the story. What I found out from asking some questions is that essentially, the player must make certain discoveries to advance in the game. Although much of the game is pre-scripted and parts run like a movie, you are able to run about and explore the world/fight people until you stumble upon the level's secrets. (My little brother had to pull the eye out of the Cyclops to get past the level I was watching! He also admitted to having to go online to find the secrets for certain levels in order to pass them.)

This means that the level of user authorship is fairly low, and a player would most likely not want to play the game twice. Nonetheless, these interactive stories provide somewhere in the ballpark of twenty hours of entertainment as opposed to two for watching a movie. God of War II is the first game I've seen that made me consider purchasing a video game system since I used to play Yoshi, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Combat when I was in middle school. The way that a video game is structured was also a mystery to me with these first person player/scripted games, so my inquiries were helpful in understanding some of the interactive questions we were pondering/tackling during the semester!

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