Thursday, December 2, 2010

Robots and Love: All is Full of Love

Prof Pat brought up an interesting music video about technology and social life. In this case, its about: Do replicants love? There is a suggestive tone of sexuality. In the video, according to Prof Pat, we get fed into the main character's creations. We observe the perspective of having a possibility of having a human to technology symbiosis, or in other words, love and robots.

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Shell said...

This video left an impression on me. After I left class I was telling my friend about it. It reminded me of "i Robot" and the message they were trying to relay in the movie. Its always going to be an ongoing debate on whether robots can "love." In my opinion..why cant they? I mean who gives anyone the right to say they cant. Thats just my thoughts. Thanks for posting it..I couldnt remember the name of it, now I can show my friend.