Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time to compare and contrast

So I figured I'd go for extra credit here because I am soooooo far behind on posting about Run Lola Run... I figured, why not, I'll compare and contrast Run Lola Run with... you guessed it... Run!  Bitch Run!

Let's start with the first spoken lines of the movies:
Run Lola Run:  Man... probably the most interesting species on our planet.
Run!  Bitch Run!:  "Watch the teeth."

So first thing's first... Everyone seems to be running these days, whether their name is Lola or Bitch.  Run!  Bitch Run! didn't have too much running, though, regardless the title.  What it did have was about the worst acting I've ever seen in a movie.  Sure, there were somewhat humorous one-liners and stuff, but it was still offal... and yes, I mean offal, not awful.  If you don't know the difference, look up offal in the dictionary and you soon will.  Seriously, there's a guy trying to put on a stutter, and he forgets to "stutter" several times in the movie and they left it in there anyway.  Talk about low budget.  

Then there's the music.  It all sounded like it was probably rejected porno tracks.  It was filled with bass and poorly used wah effects.  Even the "scary" music was sampled from horror flicks and added had a few bad guitar licks added in.

So one of the most mind-boggling things I can think of about this movie is the fact that the main character is so nonchalant following her rape, and is just wandering naked around the woods immediately after.  I don't quite get how she can be so calm about it, but oh well... it's a movie, right?

I have to admit that the movie got much more entertaining when the timid, shy little bible-selling girl finds a gun and magically knows how to use it as if she'd been shooting for years.  She finds a pistol and hits a guy dead between the eyes from the other side of the room on a quick draw, and this, for all we know is the second time she's even seen a gun.  Then she gets a shotgun and knows immediately how to load it.  Of course, it lost its luster when they couldn't even put in the sound to match a shotgun blast when she was supposedly firing the shotgun.  But they redeemed themselves when she killed the last guy... I won't spoil it.  The only thing is, I do not recommend you watch this film, because it is just terrible... If ever there were a low-budget soft-core action porno, I'd say this is it, and it was not worth it.

Now... On to Lola.  It started with some running almost right off the bat.  In fact, just that little cartoon in the beginning had the whole of Run!  Bitch Run! beat.  The music was better, the graphics were better (and it was a cartoon... think about it) and everything about it was better.

So about the movie.  I really loved how it switched between the live action and the cartoon.  It made it more innovative, more fun.

There were a couple of things that really got to me a bit about this movie.  So I was enjoying it at the beginning, and then I thought to myself, "I wonder if this is going to be the whole movie... Lola running to some intense, suspenseful music..."  I also got to wondering at this time how she managed to do that running in less than 20 minutes, particularly considering the fact that there were montage-esque scenes with her running, and 20 minutes were supposed to take place in what I knew was more than an hour long movie.  It was at this point that Lola said her boyfriend would die in five minutes and I realized that, while it had been more than 15 minutes in movie time, they were not going to cover only 20 minutes in the whole movie, and I decided to stop thinking and just watch.  Then I got really f***ing disappointed, because the FINAL SECTION OF IT had no audio because it was flagged by WMG for having an "unauthorized audio track."  Granted, I was simply reading the subtitles anyway, but still.

Anyway, I liked Run Lola Run, but I wasn't completely satisfied by it.  The three different possibilities was cool, and it really reminded me of some of the games we've made in class, in how even the slightest screwup or different decision can completely change the outcome, even if it's the same story being told more than once.  All in all, it was good... much better than Run!  Bitch Run!

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