Thursday, December 2, 2010


So I remember when I first saw Tommy.  It was waaaaaay back in middle school.  Anyway, it was quite an experience.  I didn't fully understand what was going on when I first watched it, but hey, I was in middle school.  Anyway, the thing that I remember the most is not so much the movie/rock opera/whatever.  What I remember most is telling my friends about it.  I told them how I just saw this really interesting movie that was made entirely by a band, and when I told them about it, they were just laughing their asses off.  For some reason I just couldn't get across what was going on, probably because, again, I didn't quite know myself.  It was kind of frustrating, but I was also laughing at myself about it, because it really did not sound like an appealing movie when I described it.  So I just thought I'd share that... not sure why, but oh well.

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