Saturday, January 29, 2011

Her morning elegance

This is my favorite music video that combines fantastic elements of pixelation and stop motion animation.

What do you think?



arturo said...

Cool video. I see very little if any 3D animation. It is mostly pixilation which like you mention is a type of stop-motion an animation technique going back to 1898. See the links for more reference and watch some of those early films.
The only critique I have of the video is the "window light" that moves through the frame. It is simply an After Effects mask overlay (changing the brightness) however they did not displace the mask as the light went over 3 dimensional objects such as the bed, the body etc, where the light would basically wrap-around and be distorted by the objects. After putting so much effort in the pixilation they should have put a little time on that. Oh well, someone probably said: Nah! nobody will notice anyway...:-)

arturo said...

The term pixilation is relatively recent. It was coined by Grant Munro a canadian filmmaker who came up wit the term while working with Norman McLaren in his famous anti-war film Neighborswhich won the Academy Award in 1953 after the most controversial scenes were edited out!.

During the Vietnam war he was asked to put the scenes back but they had been destroyed by then, so the link points to a (ver) low quality copy with all the scenes included.

Jen Tracy said...

I definitely never noticed the window light problems! Now that I re-watched it and know a lot more about 3D animation, I do see that there is none. Thank you for sharing all the information about pixelation, that was a great video, thank you for sharing.

Jen Tracy said...

This is an interesting video explaining the process of making "Her Morning Elegance"

arturo said...

I will swallow my words because on close careful second viewing I realize it is not an AE layer but actually a "gobo" which is being panned together with a light source. It is a fun video and a lot of planning, time, patience and work went into it