Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ray Ceasar

This is one of my favorite digital artist, Ray Ceasar. He uses Maya to create very surreal and stunning images. Initially I was attracted to his art work because of his use of extremely vivid color and limited palette, but now I'm even more fascinated by his work because of my own desire to figure out how to create similar images.

He has tons of other work on his website that I highly recommend checking out

Also make sure to read his biography, it's pretty amusing.

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Robert Waterworth said...

I worked with and was a friend of Rays many years ago before he embarked on this path. He and I worked together as VFX artist at a studio in Toronto. He was a mentor to me as I was learning Maya.
He is certainly a fascinating fellow.
I remember him telling of his plans to leave TV ad Film to explore Surreal art.