Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Backwater Gospel

An extraordinary film is made with talent and 100% sweat and tears! Backwater Gospel is one of the best student short films I have seen in a long while. This is a kind of behind the scenes look at the process and all the elements that go into making such a high quality piece of work. I hope it is inspiring for you as it has been for me! Of course make sure you watch the whole movie after this.

The 3D software used was Maya and everything is animated on 2's/stepped keys. Compositing was done in Fusion (an alternative to After Effects) 2D light's were used doing gradients.


The Animation Workshop

Bo Mathorne, Mads Simonsen, Rye Nimand, Martin Holm-Grevy, Esben Jacob Sloth, Thomas Grønlund, Arthur Gil Larsen, Tue Toft Sørensen

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PeteHawley said...

That was awesome, I love the dark aesthetic and the misshapen characters. The lighting and soundtrack were great too