Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Academy

Sometimes we think of the Academy as something remote that we connect with every year during the Oscars. But of course it is a lot more than that. As students of entertainment media there is much to learn and benefit from the numerous activities that you can have access to if you are in LA for your internship. So make sure to check their calendar of events.

At the very least be informed by the innumerable articles, research in the science and technology of movies, and of the numerous grants, internships and fellowships that the Academy grants every year to educational institutions across the country.

As a student of Ithaca College you are part of a select community of individuals who are expected to make their mark in the industry of communications and storytelling. Variety, which is the premier source of entertainment news in the world of show business, lists IC as one of the top media programs in the nation. It is up to you to use this platform to further your career opportunities. It takes work, and passion. Your call.

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