Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chapters 3 and 4

The beginning of Chapter 3 went over some basic concepts that we have already gone over in class, but this time it was nice to be able to pair the concepts we already know with the proper terminology. I've taken a course that used the animation program Alice, where we learned a lot about what is being discussed (objects and how they relate spatially to themselves, others and their environment, etc.).
There were a few parts of Chapter 4 that jumped out at me most. First of all, was just the explanation of the different types of splines. Like I said about Chapter 3, it's nice to read a full out explanation and description of things that we're already aware, especially the explanation behind the names of the different splines. I think it's good to absorb the context of things like this. The other part was the technique called deformation with lattices. I guess this stood out because reading the description over made it sound like something gone over in class and yet I wasn't sure if it was something we had done or not, as I can't remember talking about lattices in class. Either way I was very interested in this particular process.

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