Sunday, April 3, 2011

Face Model

This looks like a pretty decent tutorial on how to make a face model out of polygons in Maya, from the website I think I might give it a try sometime this week. Wish me luck!


arturo said...

Go for it!. It is funny because I am going to show you another tutorial that is part of the Autodesk YouTube Learning Channel where you can find a number of different tutorials. This one in particular uses pretty much the same flow as the one you posted but it is in video format so you can follow along. However, having a printed PDF with the same instructions will greatly help (since no one says it's easy:-).

Jen Tracy said...

My first reaction to this is that the face looks so much like many characters in the videogame Oblivion, who are all considered to be quite ugly by most people. But hey, gotta start somewhere!