Monday, April 11, 2011

SFX Scar

Since Jen posted her new look:-) I guess I will follow the thread with this short video showing how you do a realistic scar. It is by a company called Smooth-on which is where you can buy all the goodies shown here, although you can also improvise using materials that you can get at your local hardware store or cosmetics supply place, just being careful to read the labels so you don't put any harmful substance on your skin!

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Jen Tracy said...

This is interesting but seems like it is very time consuming and technical.

Depending on the type of scar I'm doing I like to either use rigid collidion for smaller, older and indented scars. For created a wound like the one shown here, I layer up toilet paper with liquid latex and either cut into the middle of it to create the effect of torn skin or build it up so there is a hole in the middle. It's always interesting to see other techniques, though!