Monday, April 25, 2011

Up Wake

There are so many different uses for 3D work and this is just another example of how your imagination is truly the only limiting factor. Natashah Tsakos has created a theatrical performance entitled "Up Wake," based entirely around 3D animation to put on what looks to be an amazing show. The stage is simply four surfaces in which animation is projected using HD projectors. There is only one character (Zero), played by Natashah, who interacts with the animated projections. Through the use of not only 3D animation, but also incredible sound design and choreography it seems as if Zero is truly a part of the 3D environment. I'm sure watching this performance in person is even more impressive than the video!

This is a link to some clips from her show "Up Wake."

Check out for more information.

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arturo said...

I had not actually seen this post until now. "UpWake" is truly a magical performance by a very talented designer/performer. I had posted some work that I did with Natasha before, HERE is the link. This work was actually in response to Up Wake since I realized that she was completely subordinate to the video track (not that that was bad, as a good Swiss she was incredibly precise) and we thought it would be interesting to see how she would respond to being really in control of the events triggered by her actions instead.