Sunday, September 18, 2011

3D Animation Demo Reel

Here's the reel of Chris Drew, who used to work in my home town's television market before being hired to work for KABC-TV in Los Angeles. It shows the wide range of different 3D animations and great examples of how 3D animation can be used for creative services and branding of a station.

It shows how 3D animation programs can work well together with 2D animation programs such as After Effects, as well as the importance of an editing program in addition to animation programs for creating graphics. For example, in the CBS and NBC "legal ID" clips that air around :34 seconds, you can see a combination of 3D animation for the network logos with "Optical Flares" (likely from Video Co-Pilot) and a 2D animation of the station logos. Use of a non-linear editor is also important for combining all of the elements together to make a good final product.

In addition, I like using demo reels as a good way to try and figure out how someone animated something as they did. For example, by watching something over and over, you can get a good idea of what method they used for making a certain shape.

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