Sunday, September 25, 2011

3D Animation Shorts

Whenever I go to Pixar films at the movies, I love watching the shorts they play in the beginning. These shorts all started with Luxo Jr, the hopping the lamp featured in Pixar's logo. He was created in order to demonstrate the animation Pixar was capable of creating.

Luxo Jr actually won an Academy Award for Best Animated Film. But Pixar isn't close to the only production company that produces these 3D animation shorts. While these independent animaters and animation production companies, such as Martel Productions, do not have the budget and superior animation technology as Pixar does, there shorts are just as entertaining and show lots of promise. Martel's short, Pigeon: Impossible, is a great example of this. While the animation is clearly not on the same level as Pixar, it's still a great story with some very impressive animation. I don't care how many semesters we take of Topics in 3D, my skills with never be on par to these guys! Even though I have to say... I feel like this could be a Maya product. Check it out...

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