Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3D Glasses

Ok so above I have posted a link to an article about "How 3-D Glasses Work." If the link doesn't work just click the title of this post. I wanted to take a step out of Maya and explore some other 3D possibilities and I came across this gem. Though we have expanded from the old school red and blue glasses I thought it would still be cool to know how they work. (For any of you that are confused by the website, you have to hit the next button on the bottom right corner to learn more). It is really cool to see how things such as these can basically trick our minds into seeing something different. Though what we are making now doesn't exactly require 3D glasses, it is always good to learn about the history/ possibilities associated with what you are doing. I hope you all check this out b/c I totally remember playing with these paper/plastic little glasses when I was kid.

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Francine Price said...

I am so glad you posted something about this. I always wanted to know how these worked. Great idea!