Tuesday, September 20, 2011

character update

check out my sausage man.

I had some issues with the lattice on cylinders but other than that I found myself using them for everything really. I used spheres for the eyes and nose. I took the pipe looking polygon (toros maybe?) and right clicked for edges so that i could delete part of it to make the smile. then i realized i had a hole in my dudes head, first i tried to play with the scale tool and the extrude but that didnt work. So then i decided he was just going to have a hat for now, i used the CP curve like we did in class for the bottles and made a hat. and when your doing that make sure its on the origin with youre drawing otherwise all the tools (move shape etc) are on the equal but opposite side of the grid and makes it pretty difficult. hope this helped

and for your hurricane update

big win

against ohio state this weekend 24-6. well call it a beatdown though


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